AVRIL 2011
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4 - 7 Apr 2011

52nd AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS/ASC Structures, Structural Dynamics and Materials Conference 19th AIAA/ASME/AHS Adaptive Structures Conference 13th AIAA Non-Deterministic Approaches Conference 13th AIAA Dynamic Specialist Conference 12th AIAA Gossamer Systems Forum 7th AIAA Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Specialist Conference





7 - 9 Avr
Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems 2011" (ICMCS11) ONE'COS Ouarzazate (Maroc).
11 - 14 Apr 2011

17th AIAA International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies Conference

San Francisco, California
17-21, Apr 2011

Eurotherm 92Gravitational Effects on Liquid-Vapour Phase Change,


Presqu'île de Giens (France)